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Monday Match-up 2.8.10


“There’s no way to caption this without being sexist.”   — anonymous komikero

Psylocke: A British telepath inhabiting the body of a Japanese ninja assassin and master martial artist, Betsy Braddock is able to telekinetically enhance her strength and agility enough to outmatch Sabretooth.  Her telepathic powers allow her to read her opponents’ minds, and project a focused beam of directed psionic energy into a ‘psycho-blast’ or a ‘psi-blade’ capable of piercing the Juggernaut’s psi-proof helmet.

Why She Wins: Psylocke shoots out a blast of psionic energy at Sara Pezzini and simultaneously charges at her wielding, her psi-blade.  The Witchblade instictively blocks her attacks, not letting its host be harmed.  Psylocke detects this through her telepathy and unleashes a torrent of psychic attacks coupled with physical blows to continue distracting the Witchblade.  Pezzini, unable to withstand the psychic assault, passes out, leaving the Witchblade without a bearer. Psylocke then calls on it come and claim its new host.

Witchblade: Passed along for generations as a mystical gauntlet borne by generations of great warrior women, the Witchblade grants its bearer heightened agility, nigh-invulnerability, a force blast, and at times… necromancy.

Why She Wins: Tough as nails New York City cop Sara Pezzini uses the Witchblade’s demonic attacks to hold the telepathic ninja at bay, but is unable to for too long, not being an advanced martial artist.  With Psylocke barely able to physically harm Pezzini, the mutant switches to psychic assault and plunges a psi-blade into Witchblade’s mind.  Initially thinking it an easy win, Psylocke is overwhelmed by the gauntlet’s ancient demonic essence and is left a convulsing (albeit hot) mess on the floor as Sara walks away, unfazed.