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Women in Comics

In this special flashback panel… EJ, Alex, and John talk about the fairer sex and how they are portrayed in comics.  The boys ponder on such Olympian topics such as female characters getting more solo books and Oprah being an X-Woman.

Download the audio file here


Tres Komikeros 41

John, Alex, and Migs return with a boatload of reviews with their spotlights (eew?) shining on Power Girl #9, Devil #1, and DoomWar #1.  After a hefty round of quick shots, the boys discuss the recent big changes in the big offices with Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, and Jim Lee each getting title upgrades.  The show is capped off with a panel discussion about the komikeros’ expectations for the New Heroic Age and Brightest Day.  Listen and learn, kids.

Download the episode here