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TK 99: Total Sploosh

Jeremy Renner, Mike Mignola, Ryan Gosling, and Stuart Immonen float around in dreamspace as Nick, Alex, Migs, and John hang out for a free-form episode of Tres Komikeros.  After a brief discussion on fresh comics, the boys discuss Mark Millar’s Manila visit, Mark Waid ending Irredeemable, the idea of meeting one’s heroes, and the idea of acquiring and publishing non-comics properties.

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     05:30
 Free-form Discussion        30:45

Featured Musical Interludes: The Kooks 

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TK 77: Agent Schmidt

John, Alex, and Migs bring you a paranormal psycopath kick with Elric: The Balance Lost #1, Witch Doctor #1, and Red Skull #1!  After a round of quick shots, find out which creators the Komikeros would put together on which dream projects!

Download the episode here

Featured musical interludes: The Black Keys

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Tres Komikeros 28

tk28EJ, Alex, and John bring you spankin’ spiffy reviews of Cry for Justice #3, 28 Days Later #1, and Ultimate Comics: Spider-man #2.  After a round of the quick shots, the boys discuss Guy Ritchie’s signing on to direct a Lobo film, and then they speculate on WHO! COULD! PLAY! THE! MAIN MAN!

Rumors are started.

Oh and you’ve probably already heard…



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