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TK 117: Halloween Special


John, Alex, and Migs picked some of the more interesting books from Halloween and talked about them in this latest TK!  Titles reviewed include Lot 13 #1, Bedlam #1, and Li’l Gotham #1!

And then Quick Shots! And then STAR WARS!

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     03:00
 Quick Shots                 30:00
 Panel Discussion            46:00

 Featured Musical Interludes: M83

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Prejudged! 02.16.10

Here we are, in another action-packed edition of the All-New, All-Powerful Prejudged!!! This is another huge week in comic books, with releases like Amazing Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Captain America, Batman, Dark Avengers, Daredevil, Power Girl, Deadpool, Incredible Hulk, and Uncanny X-Men.

This time though, we’ll be taking a look at covers to titles which I think should be getting more attention, in an attempt to make this already big week HUGE!!!

First on our list is Invincible #70: cover by Ryan Ottley

After years of build-up, the Sequid Invasion finally begins and Invincible and his fellow heroes seem outmatched and overwhelmed. How will they escape their doom?… Just a little old-school hyping up for ya. As always, Invincible promises to be a fun-filled thrill ride with lots of action, drama, and a whole lot of teen angst. This comic book has been as consistent as its Marvel counterpart, Ultimate Spider-Man, without stepping into “rip-off” territory. As a friend once said: “Invincible is good enough to make you pass on sex”…… There’s a comments section at the bottom of the page, by the way.

Next is Batman: Streets of Gotham #9; cover by Dustin Nguyen

This is my bet for Alex’s next Cover of the Week. Heck, just the covers alone make me get this title every month. Not to say that the stories aren’t good too. This issue is penned by Mike Benson. For those who aren’t familiar with him; Michael Benson is a regular writer on HBO’s hit series “Entourage”. Come to think of it, he’s probably responsible for Vincent Chase as Aquaman….. Anyway, expect this issue to have the usual gorgeous artwork from Nguyen, with a strong done-in-one story. The Manhunter c0-feature ain’t too shabby either.

Next up is a personal favorite, Punisher #14; cover by Mike McKone

Bitch all you want about the plot being ridiculous and campy, cause guess what, this isn’t your usual Garth Ennis Punisher anymore. You can save the gritty realism for the Marvel MAX line. This is the 616, where people wear bright colored spandex and can come back from the dead as a badass Frankenstein monster. I thought I’d never again read a Punisher book and actually have a blast. It’s not that I don’t like the Ennis Punisher (the adult in me loves it), it’s just that the 8 year old in me thinks Franken Castle is an awesome name!

Lastly we have Joe the Barbarian #2; cover by Sean Murphy

Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy. If you’re aware of who these two are, that should be enough reason to pick this up. The first issue was off to a great start, showcasing the spectacular artwork of Mr. Murphy and a more grounded Grant Morrison (as opposed to the freaky weird (albeit brilliant) version of Grant Morrison) who is one of the few comic book writers who excel at both superhero and non-superhero stories. Joe the Barbarian is a powerful piece of storytelling.

So there you have it. If you’re not already reading these titles, I hope I’ve been able to steer you towards at least taking a good long look at the cover to Streets of Gotham. See you next week.

Cover of the Week – Jan 21, ’10 releases

Cover of the Week is my presentation of the best cover from last week’s comic book releases, based on the art, design, and overall good looks.

Hello boys and girls! It’s been pretty long since my last cover post, and this time I will be featuring a cover from one of my favorite Batman artists, Dustin Nguyen.

Batman – Streets of Gotham  #8

What caught my attention with this is the fact that we don’t usually see a Batman cover done this way.  Okay, so the Batman pose is a bit common, cape near/over the face and one hand holding the Batarang, but what’s cool about this is the good use of the the black/blue/orange highlighting. Let me point them out — first let’s start of with the title, BOOM! big highlight, the reader get’s a good look at it and immediately knows what book it is.  Second, Batman occupies most of the page and the city is rendered under him with the iconic bat signal looming over Gotham.  This gives the impression that “this is Batman looking over his city and he sees everything” and also imposes some sort of possessive territorial feel thanks to the bat-logo.  And lastly, negative black/yellow on the hand holding the Batarang.  This sends the message that Batman does look over Gotham and since the orange background sets this part of the cover apart from the rest, it gives a sense of “alert mode” or “defense mode” in the event a threat appears.

Basic, direct to the message, and done in a stylish manner — that’s why I choose Streets of Gotham #8 by Dustin Nguyen first cover of the week for the year 2010!

What’s your favorite comic book cover for this week?

Tres Komikeros 18

ep18It’s the first official episode of the year, and EJ, Alex, and John are back with a jam-packed episode showcasing Invincible Iron Man #9, Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #2, and Detective Hush Comics #852!  The boys then hit you in the face with a round of quick shots, some Iron Man 2 news, and their opinions on the Transformers 2 teaser image.  The show is rounded out with a couple of listener questions from the TK site.

Download the episode here

(If you are having trouble with the downloads, right-click the link, Save Link As… and that should take care of it.)