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Tres Komikeros 34

With EJ never being around when Alex is, and vice versa, John is beginning to think the other two komikeros are actually (dramatic pause) THE SAME PERSON!  Keep listening to Tres Komikeros to get to the bottom of this chilling mystery.

Oh also we read some comics: Blackest Night #5, Image United #1, and New Avengers #59.  After an audience review and a round of quick shots, the boys played a healthy game of thumb warfare.

Lastly, a sensitive topic is tackled in this week’s panel discussion — Comic Book Elitism.  Yeah.

You know who you are.

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Tres Komikeros 23

ep23Forget what people say, the best remedy for a hangover is senseless nerd talk… as one (or all) of the Komikeros show in this latest installment of shenanigans and goings-on.  After reviewing Blue Beetle #36, Fantastic Four #564, and Savage Dragon #145, EJ, Alex, and John discuss some good news about Sam Jackson’s Marvel ties, and finally get all serious to talk about Marvel closing their Open Submissions Policy.

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