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TK 02: Tatum Gonna Tate


HOSTS: John Amor, Miguel Santos, Butch Mapa

TOPICS: Channing Tatum Exits Gambit, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Southern Bastards, Crossed, We Stand on Guard

DISCUSSION: Which actors would you like to see get superhero roles?

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TK 118: Don’t Be Ugly

It’s the second official batch of Marvel NOW! books and the boys are right on top of them!  Like, literally.  Alex, Migs, and John talk about Thor the God of Thunder #1, Fantastic Four #1, and All-New X-Men #1!

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 Featured Musical Interludes: Hannah OST

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TK 65: The List (Part Eight)

EJ, John, and Migs have a nice chat over tea and blueberry scones (courtesy of EJ) and discuss the eight installment of TK’s 100 Favourite Comics.

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In this episode:

New Frontier
Brubaker’s Captain America
The Great Darkness Saga
Waid and Ringo’s Fantastic Four
Ex Machina

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TK 63: The List (Part Six)

John, Alex, and Migs tell you more about their favorite books in this sixth installment of TK’s Top 100 Comics.  Other topics covered include Black Swan, masturbation… and masturbating swans.

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In this episode:

100 Bullets
Hellboy: Seed of Destruction
Batman: Year One
Lee and Kirby’s Fantastic Four
Byrne’s Man of Steel
Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X
Ultimate Spider-Man
Black Hole

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Death in Comics

In this special podcast, John, Alex, Migs, and Jad sit in a semi-circle in the shape of Black Lantern symbol and talk about the oft-discussed matter of Death in Comics.  With so many significant characters biting it as of late, the TK crew question the significance of these losses.

SPOILER WARNING: We talk about characters dying.  (Just in case that wasn’t really clear yet)

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Prejudged! 03.30.10

Here we go with another edition of Prejudged! This week sees the release of a new issue from Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four, the start of X-Men’s Second Coming, and the Blackest Night finale.

X-Men: Second Coming #1

X-Men: Second Coming #1

written by: Craig Kyle & Chris Yost

art by: David Finch

cover by: Adi Granov

This is to the X-Universe, what Siege is to the Avengers Universe. X-Men Second Coming is the culmination of four years worth of X-Men stories from House of M to Decimation to Messiah Complex and Utopia. This event promises that “MANY WILL BE WOUNDED. SEVERAL WILL DIE.”, and I’m guessing that by “SEVERAL WILL DIE” they’re referring to several C or D-list characters you’ve never heard of, along with one or two major characters who you know are coming back eventually. Despite that, it’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out in the end. Will all the Mutants who lost their powers in House of M get them back? Will Hope be the new Phoenix, and if so, will Scott and Logan start fighting over her? Will those two ever get over their obsession with red-heads? How will Kitty’s return figure into all of this? For one thing though, this whole Second Coming deal has made me want to jump back on the X-Men wagon. Let’s hope it’s the bumpy thrill ride that every event promises to be.

Fantastic Four #577

Fantastic Four #577

written by: Jonathan Hickman

art by: Dale Eaglesham

cover by: Alan Davis

This is part three of Jonathan Hickman’s Prime Elements arc, called Universal Inhumans. This issue sees Marvel’s First Family on the Blue Side of the Moon discovering that the Inhumans have a deeper and richer history than previously thought. Hickman’s run on the Fantastic Four has been stellar; deconstructing the team with the “Reed Solves Everything” arc and bringing the team back to it’s roots with this “Prime Elements” arc.  He’s done a good job at bringing in big Kirby-sized ideas to the title, and along with Dale Eaglesham adapting that classic look and feel to the art, they have brought about a Fantastic Four Renaissance of sorts. It’s great to see a creative team that’s capable of playing on how different the Fantastic Four instead of making it more realistic and gritty. Hickman recognizes that the whole idea of the team is in fact quite outrageous and out of this world, and yet is able to bring it down to more human level with themes of family and friendship. This has been a fun and brilliant run, and I hope Hickman and Eaglesham stick around for a very long time.

Blackest Night #8 (no text)

Blackest Night #8

written by: Geoff Johns

art by: Ivan Reis

cover by: Ivan Reis

Here it is! This one’s for all the marbles! It’s the final battle between Sinestro’s Rainbow Corps and Nekron’s Caped Corpses. There’s a lot riding on this issue. Yes, the whole Blackest Night series has been awesome so far, and all it needs is one big finale to take it home. I’ll save any thoughts I have on this for the podcast since I’m 100% positive that we’re reviewing this baby. All I’ll say is that I am totally pumped for this that with all the anticipation that he’s built up throughout this event, Geoff Johns better make sure that this multicolored superfest that is Blackest Night ends with a ginormous bang, like a firecracker going off in the center of that huge cloud of balloons holding up that old guy’s house in that movie. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

And as a bonus, I stumbled onto this fan made poster of the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America movie starring Chris Evans.

Chris Evans as Cap

This image totally sold me on Evans playing Cap, granted that he bulk up a bit more. I can actually imagine Evans saying the “You think this letter on my head stands for France!?” line from the Ultimates, and not be grossed out by it. Adding the shield to the poster wouldn’t hurt either.

Another poster can be found on FilmSchoolRejects.com, but I liked this one better. The other one had Evans pouting his lips a little too hard. Both posters are brought to us by a regular Film School Rejects.com reader, Christopher M.

Tres Komikeros 23

ep23Forget what people say, the best remedy for a hangover is senseless nerd talk… as one (or all) of the Komikeros show in this latest installment of shenanigans and goings-on.  After reviewing Blue Beetle #36, Fantastic Four #564, and Savage Dragon #145, EJ, Alex, and John discuss some good news about Sam Jackson’s Marvel ties, and finally get all serious to talk about Marvel closing their Open Submissions Policy.

Download the episode here

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Cover of the Week – 01.01.09

Cover of the Week is my presentation of the best cover from last week’s comic book releases, based on the art, design, and overall good looks.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! How were your holidays?  Cool?  Yes? It’s a new year and I’m still at it!  Featuring the best comic book cover last week’s releases have to offer!  This week, we will feature art from one of my favorite noir artists.  The exceptionally talented Sean Phillips!

Incognito #1 (Sean Phillips)

smokin' billz
smokin' billz

This is actually a wrap-around cover for the new book from the dudes that gave us Criminal and Sleeper.  What makes this my choice? A few reasons actually.  This cover is a good example of good use of font design, it does not steal the attention from the art while maintaining a strong presence. The use of b/w with the exception of the burning bill and the fire, another way of contrasting elements, thus highlighting specific areas of the piece.  And a masked dude lighting a cigar with a bill? That’s badass! Even Wolverine can’t beat that!

Panel of the Week: Fantastic Four #562 (art by Bryan Hitch)

NDS hell yeah! Boy's got taste!
NDS hell yeah! Boy's got taste!

And that’s my cue to sleep! I’ll see you boys and girls in a few days for more comics talk and nonsensical arguments!

Episode 04

In this episode, the komikeros review:

We also have a round of War of Thumbs discussing the recent influx of TV-show comics, political content in comic books, and the censorship of All-Star Batman #10. To cap it off, we crossfired points about the difference between comics and graphic novels… assuming of course that there really is one.

You can also download the episode here