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Tres Komikeros 35

Holy crap!  It’s the 35th episode and we’re still proud to be geeks! Alex couldn’t join the foolishness this week, but EJ and John were around to deliver the douchery.  And as if that isn’t already more than you can handle… this episode introduces the FOURTH komikero… Miguel!  Books reviewed this week include Amazing Spider-man #614, Secret Six #16, and Invincible Iron Man #21.

After a round of quick shots, we enjoy War of Thumbs… and then cap off the show with a continuation of last week’s panel discussion about Comic Fan Elitism.

Download knowledge here.



Tres Komikeros 29

tk029EJ and John grab a pot of coffee and get on their PCs late at night to bring you a special after-dark edition of Tres Komikeros.  Books reviewed this week include Secret Six #13, Dark Reign THE LIST: Avengers #1 (i know!), and Kick-Ass #7.  After a round of Quick Shots and War of Thumbs, the boys deliver some opinions about the Trades vs Monthlies debate.

Alex licks ponies.


Download the episode here.

(If you are having trouble with the downloads, right-click the link, Save Link As… and that should take care of it.)


Episode 01

In our first episode, we review Secret Invasion: Front Line #3, Titans #4, and Secret Six #1. We also have a few quick shots about a few other books and a brief panel discussion about recent events in Amazing Spidey!

Download the episode here