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TK 02: Tatum Gonna Tate


HOSTS: John Amor, Miguel Santos, Butch Mapa

TOPICS: Channing Tatum Exits Gambit, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Southern Bastards, Crossed, We Stand on Guard

DISCUSSION: Which actors would you like to see get superhero roles?

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TK 112: Coconan

EJ, Alex, and John take shelter from the storm to talk comics! This week it’s Gambit #1, Archer and Armstrong #1, and Conan the Barbarian #7!

After wrapping up some quick shots, the boys share their thoughts on the possibility of a Ben Affleck-directed Justice League movie.

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     04:30
 Quick Shots                 32:00
 Panel Discussion            45:00

 Featured Musical Interludes: Blind Melon

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