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TK 125: Summer Komikon Special


In this special episode of the Tres Komikeros Podcast, John, Migs, EJ, and Jad recall their Summer Komikon experience, talk about a ton of komiks, and talk about personal highlights from the show!

Download the episode here

Musical Interludes: M83

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John, Butch, EJ, and Migs


Budjette Tan and Jad Montenegro


with Carlo Pagulayan


with Stephen Segovia


with Leinil Yu


with Gerry Alanguilan

TK 114: Hang Loose

John, Alex, and Migs assemble on a lazy Friday night to wind down the week with some comic talk.

Sorry this episode was late, guys! John’s been sick and he needed to commune with The Red.

Topics discussed range from Valiant Books to a bunch of DC Zero Issues, Hawkeye…

Budjette Tan’s latest Precinto 13 story (link)…

and Alex’s STGCC experience! (photos below)

Download the episode here

  Featured Musical Interludes: Wye Oak

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TK 100: Giant-Size Extravaganza

Part 1: John, EJ, Alex, and Nick take it easy for the hundredth episode of Tres Komikeros with some freestyle comics talk.  In this super sized episode, the boys also answer your listener questions.  BRO HUGS FOR EVERYONE!

Download Part 1 here

Featured Musical Interludes: Rock Kills Kid 

Special Guest

Part 2: In the second half of this special episode; Migs, Alex, and John talk to every local artist’s tentpole Komiks creator and Eisner nominee Gerry Alanguilan.

Best known for his work on ELMER, Timawa, Where Bold Stars Go to Die, as well as his Marvel and DC Comics work as the inker of Leinil Yu, Gerry brightens our little show with his Youtube-famous smile.  Join us for an hour of talk about his early work, his thoughts on criticism, the nature of collaboration, and much more.

Download Part 2 here

Featured Musical Interludes: Rogue Wave 

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Tres Komikeros 55

John and Migs set up camp and talk about Return of Bruce Wayne #5, Superior #1, and New Avengers #5.  After a  round of quick shots, the boys bring you the first edition of TK Comics 101: What are Legacy Characters?

Download the episode here


Tres Komikeros 53

WE’RE BACK!  With Alex away on assignment, EJ, Migs, and John reunite to do what they do best — nerd out!  Aside  from talking about the books, TV shows, and movies they’ve been enjoying during the break, the boys review Action Comics #893, SkullKickers #1, and Avengers Prime #3.

After a round of quickshots, the boys discuss rumors of David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman involvement, Emma Stone as MJ, and Tom Welling’s super suit.  Lastly, in the panel discussion: What creative advantages does Marvel have that DC doesn’t; and vice versa?

Download the episode here


Tres Komikeros 15


After douching away about brand-new TV sets and messing around in comic shops, EJ, Alex, and John review Secret Six #4, Elmer #1, and Final Crisis #5.  They also react to what they’ve seen of the live-action Dragonball film and the whole gender-switching trend in superheroes as of late.  Lastly, the boys have a panel discussion about which of the big two universes they would like to live in as civilians.

Download the episode here

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