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Prejudged! 02.02.10

Oh! Hey! Fancy meeting you here. Me? Well, I was just about to wade through this week’s upcoming comic book covers. Care to join me? What’s that?… Yes, I am well aware of how big a nerd I am. Now, come! Sit down as I tell you about Jeph Loeb’s new title…

Ultimate Comics X #1, cover by Art Adams:

Very little is known about this ominous little title from Mr. Loeb. All we know is what we can gather from mere images like this, where we spot a young teen with bonelike knives protruding from in between his knuckles. Also we see that he may not be the friendliest among the young men in campus. What strikes me as a mite odd though is that this boy’s backpack looks awfully bulgy for someone who doesn’t look like he knows what to do with a textbook. Indeed, we know very little of what to expect from this new series, but what we do know is that art from Art always looks awesome. Not unlike the art on…

God Complex #3, cover by Michael Avon Oeming:

This new series has been off to a good start, with a somewhat classic tale of mythic proportions. It’s not too outrageous to picture the Gods of Olympus as Corporate Executives, and in God Complex, Mr. Oeming showcases such concepts. Along with a story about a damsel and a battle with Hercules, this comic book title is shaping up to be an enjoyable read with colorful characters and the light and comical art style of Michael Avon Oeming, which is perfect for balancing out the dark themes in Greg Rucka’s…

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3, cover by Greg Horn:

Do not fret, little one, for try as they may, DC has not made this cover Un-Prejudged!able. We have only been deprived of a preview of another image of Wonder Woman as a scantily-clad Star Sapphire (Redundant? Perhaps.) There is a simple Prejudged!ing formula to apply in these situations; Greg Rucka (Great Writer) + Nicola Scott (Great Artist) = Great Issue.

So, there, lies before you, a trio of comic books, Prejudged!

P.S. If this week’s article seems a bit off to you to, don’t worry. It’s just that I’ve been playing massive amounts of Super Metroid (Yes, the SNES game) and it’s apparently done some damage. I’ll have the game beat before next week’s Prejudged! (probably) and everything will be back to normal.

Prejudged! 01.05.10

Welcome to our second installment of Prejudged!, where we judge the book by its cover. This week sees the release of 2010’s first batch of comic books. We have Marvel starting off the new decade with a bang with the first issue of SIEGE, the penultimate issue of World of New Krypton, DC’s first couple of resurrected titles in Suicide Squad #67 and Weird Western Tales #71, and… well okay, I’ll admit it’s a pretty light week. But hey, it’s a lot better than last week’s releases. (FYI; last week only had one release, Blackest Night #6)

First up is the cover of SIEGE #1 by Oliver Coipel.

According to Marvel, nearly every big crossover event over the past 7 years (House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, etc.) has led up to SIEGE, which means that they (Bendis) had it all planned out from the start. Regardless of whether that’s true or not, it’s still good to see a Marvel book where you get the “Good Guys vs. Bad Guys” story again. The “grey-area” has been almost suffocatingly kitsch by now that turning off “Friendly Fire” mode would be a welcome change. And looking back at what the Big 3 (Iron Man, Cap and Thor) have been through since Disassembled (Thor died but came back, Cap died but we’re still waiting on the comeback, and Iron Man’s brain-dead), this event feels like the big payoff to all of that. Also,the 4-issue length of the main SIEGE title should keep this series at a fun pace. And also, yes, I do feel that it’s necessary to spell out SIEGE in all Caps. ūüėÄ

Next up to bat is the cover to Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 by Greg Horn.

The second issue of Wonder Woman’s Blackest Night tie-in has our heroine go full zombie. Of course, we already saw all this in Blackest Night #5 and #6, except this time we’ll see WW do what these Black Lanterns do best, which is talk a lot. It’s interesting how Greg Rucka gets a chance to write Wonder Woman in this light (or lack thereof) seeing as he’s always had a good grasp of the character. Also, it’s good to see Mera on another book since there’s been a huge shortage of anything Aquaman in the past few years.

Lastly, we have the cover to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6 by David Lafuente.

There’s something about David Lafuente’s style that works so well with Bendis’ writing in Ultimate Spider-Man. The Ultimate Marvel Universe (or at least Spider-Man’s part of it) has always felt fresh and full of energy, and that translates seamlessly through Lafuente’s pencils. There’s such a constant yet fluid sense of motion in the artwork that I often feel the need to catch my breath in between panels. But then, the fatigue dissipates with Justin Ponsor’s vibrant yet soft colors. Bendis’ snappy dialogue coupled with Lafuente’s energetic art help make Ultimate Spider-Man a refreshing breath of fresh air well worth its $3.99 price tag.

And that’s it for this week’s Prejudged! Feel free to leave your comments or any suggestions on future releases you feel needs a little Prejudgement.

Tres Komikeros 37

It’s the 2009 Year Ender Episode with not two… not seven… but FOUR Komikeros at the microphones.¬† Listen to EJ, Alex, John, and Migs recount the year’s best and worst comic moments, single issues, moments, and of course, ongoing titles.¬† Enough with the preamble — this episode’s jam-packed, so get to listening!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Download the episode here.


Prejudged! 12.22.09

Welcome the very first, EXTRA-SIZED installment of “Prejudged!”, where we attempt to review the week’s coming comic book releases based solely on their covers. This is raring up to be a big week in comics with titles like Green Lantern, Detective Comics, New Avengers, Chew, Fantastic Four, and the big Captain America one-shot, so let’s get to it!

First off, we have the cover of New Avengers #60 by Stuart Immonen:

For those of you who already follow this title, you’re already well aware of what’s happening in this cover.¬† For those of you who don’t, GET OUT NOW!¬† I WILL SPOIL!… Ok?¬† Now, we all know Luke Cage has been out of commission for the past few issues with a heart problem, i.e. the spider-like device Norman Osborn put in there.¬† Despite what looks like another marketing ploy by Marvel (I still love ’em though), the most affecting part of this cover is in it’s very composition of how our viewpoint allows us to share in this moment as if we ourselves where part of the team.¬† This is doubled by having Jessica Jones and the baby be the focal point of the cover, seeing as they’re the only ones in color. You can expect a few tears shed in this issue and probably a few guest appearances (My guess is Danny Rand). Also, it looks like Wolverine’s back.

Next, we look at the cover of Detective Comics #860 by J.H. Williams:

Man, Kate Kane’s got a huge face! Look how tiny her hands are! Dude… Despite the discrepancies in terms of character proportions, this cover actually tells a lot about the story inside the book, this being the conclusion to Batwoman’s origin story, which has her putting on the mask for the first time.¬† This is a striking image of a sinister looking smile on her blood red lips.¬† I’ve always appreciated how Rucka and Williams make Batwoman look almost frightening in her costume, not partaking in the “Let’s make all women hot” mantra in comic books.¬† Greg Rucka has always handled his female characters very well, and Batwoman is his most fleshed-out character to date.

A quick look at the cover of Captain America: Who Will Wield the Sheild:

I vote they split it: Steve gets it Mon-Wed-Fri, Bucky on Tues-Thurs-Sat, and then alternating Sundays.

Finally, we have the cover of Chew #7 by Rob Guillory

Call me weird, but the first thing I noticed on this cover was the rat’s monocle and the fact that it has the image on Tony Chu in it.¬† Aside from the obvious, this cover’s got a lot going on in it with the USDA pin to the smart-looking rat.¬† Plus, good use of negative space. This one’s sure to grab your attention on the shelves. Great cover.

Read the Article in it’s entirety on Migs’ site for cover reviews of Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, and The Last American Crime.

So, that’s it for this EXTRA-SIZED inaugural edition of Prejudged! Come back next week for another batch of Prejudged! comic books.