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TK 113: Gingers


John, Alex, and Migs bring you some comic talk at the end of a hectic work week.

The boys unwind with Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1, The  Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #1, and The Amazing Spider-Man #692!

After a round of quick shots in which John tells us how he feels about Mark Millar, the boys talk about Rob Liefeld leaving DC Comics!

“It’s a very well done.”

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     02:30
 Quick Shots                 20:00
 Panel Discussion            34:30
 Pluggage                    44:00

 Featured Musical Interludes: Nero

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Tres Komikeros 56

John and Alex return to talk about Amazing Spider-Man #648, The Humanoids #1, and The Return of Bruce Wayne #6.  After a round of quick shots, the duo talk about contemporary trends in comics that peeve them off as fans.  Enjoy!

Download the episode here