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TK 29: Jai Worthington

HOSTS: John, EJ, and Butch

Suicide Squad! Betty & Veronica! Manifest Destiny! Star Wars! Who is the tallest member of the Justice League? Is Jai Courtney a morphed Sam Worthington? What things do the TK boys have difficulty finding people to talk about with?

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TK 123: Sex


In this episode, John and Migs kick around the world of comic books and discuss Nova #1, SEX #1, and Age of Ultron #1!  After a round of quick shots, the boys discuss the rumors of Nolan and Bale’s involvement in the JLA movie, the new Iron Man 3 trailer, and the recent Orson Scott Card hooplah.

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 Reviews                     02:30
 Quick Shots                 30:00
 Panel Discussion            39:50

 Featured Musical Interludes: Peaking Lights

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TK 120: 2012 Year Ender Special


As the end of 2012 approaches, John, Alex and Migs sit down for one last time to look back on their favorites and least favorite things in comics.  Topics range from favorite series and creators, to the… less positive versions of that same discussion. The boys also discuss what they’re excited about in the coming year in comics.

With the holidays (and possibly the End of All Things) upon us, we at the Tres Komikeros Podcast would like to thank all of you for sticking with us since 2008.  None of us are math majors, but that’s like… nine years you’ve joined us for comics talk every week.  Kidding aside, we wouldn’t still be doing this show if we didn’t love the medium, and sharing it with friends.

Happy Holidays from John, Alex, Miguel, EJ, Nick and Butch!  Here’s to more great stories and great discussions in 2013!  Thanks!

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TK 119: This is My Team!

HellboyInHellLegend of Luther Strode #1 (of 6)-000Avengers

It’s the second to the last episode of TK for the year, and the boys bring you the biggest books of the recent week! Hellboy in Hell #1, The Legend of Luther Strode #1, and Avengers #1!

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 Featured Musical Interludes: Jason Mraz

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TK 117: Halloween Special


John, Alex, and Migs picked some of the more interesting books from Halloween and talked about them in this latest TK!  Titles reviewed include Lot 13 #1, Bedlam #1, and Li’l Gotham #1!

And then Quick Shots! And then STAR WARS!

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 Reviews                     03:00
 Quick Shots                 30:00
 Panel Discussion            46:00

 Featured Musical Interludes: M83

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TK 116: Conspiracy

The boys return after a month off to talk about last week’s releases.  John, Alex, and Nick review Wolverine Max #1, ghost #1, and Talon #1.
After a round if quick shots in which we talk mostly about Nick’s close-toed shoes, the discussion shifts to the X-Men First Class sequel, and Comixology’s new indie policies.

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     02:40
 Quick Shots                 25:40
 Panel Discussion            38:50

 Featured Musical Interludes: Dr. Dre

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TK 111: Bombastic Hard Man

Butch, Alex, and John hold hands and sing their kumbayas whilst reviewing X-treme X-men #1, Revival #1, and Harbinger #1!
After a round of quick shots, the boys discuss this week’s question:

What do you think of Comics Professionals airing their grievances on Social Networks?

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     06:00
 Quick Shots                 33:00
 Panel Discussion            44:00

 Featured Musical Interludes: Crazy Town

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Cover of the Week – April 11

Cover of the Week is a presentation of the best cover from last week’s comic book releases, based on the art, design, and overall good looks.

Last week was a Massimo Carnevale comics cover festival! We have 2 books that came out last week which I think had the best covers, Conan The Barbarian #3 and the final issue Northlanders #50.

I love Massimo Carnevale’s work starting way back when he was doing the covers for Y the Last Man until now. He’s an artist who’s not only good at drawing people, but also gives the reader a taste of the overall feel of the book.  Each cover is like a teaser poster that makes the reader curious and interested as to the book’s contents.

Conan the Barbarian #3 by Massimo Carnevale

Take for instance this Conan cover.  We have Conan grabbing Belit, who looks like she is seducing him, and the color tones suggest that they are in a semi-dream state underwater.  These elements appear in the book, so what you expected to read after seeing the cover is what you get within!

Northlanders #50 by Massimo Carnevale

I don’t know if I’m just being biased, but I love this cover of the final issue of Northlanders.  An abandoned broken down helmet on a rock near the sea is a good metaphor for a battle that has ended.  And the seagull’s legs show the remoteness of this battlefield.  I find this image very dramatic and brutal at the same time, just as how the whole series have been.  It’s been a great run.  I’ll miss you, Northlanders.

Here are other covers that I thought were pretty cool: Saga #2 by Fiona Staples, ‘68 Scars #1 by Nat Jones, and Lobster Johnson #4 by Dave Johnson.

Saga2 68Scars LobsterJ

 That’s all for now, see you next week for more covers goodness!

TK 98: No Regrets

The domesticated male specimens John, Alex, and (soon-to-be) Nick gather ’round to talk about The Flash #6, No Place Like Home #1, and Justice League Dark #6!

After a round of quick shots, TK asks you:

If the world were to end tomorrow, what comics do you  regret never getting to read?

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     04:00
 Quick Shots                 37:00
 Panel Discussion            59:00

Featured Musical Interludes: Imperial Teen

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TK 96: Fleshy Arm Attachment

Returning from last week John, Alex and Nick share thoughts on this week’s hot books:  Invincible #88, Magic: The Gathering #1, and Winter Soldier #1!

Panel Discussion?

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     04:40
 Quick Shots                 37:00
 Panel Discussion            55:40

Featured Musical Interludes: Thrice

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