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TK 122: Topic X

The AnswerCFCCA1-00Uncanny X-Force

John, Alex, and Butch take time off after an insanely busy week to talk about The Answer! #1, Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents #1, and Uncanny X-Force #1!  After a round of quick shots, the boys talk about Rob Liefeld’s Image Comics Screenplay, Podcast Graduations, and lotsa other fun stuff.

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 Reviews                     02:30
 Quick Shots                 30:00
 Panel Discussion            39:50

 Featured Musical Interludes: Kimbra

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TK 100: Giant-Size Extravaganza

Part 1: John, EJ, Alex, and Nick take it easy for the hundredth episode of Tres Komikeros with some freestyle comics talk.  In this super sized episode, the boys also answer your listener questions.  BRO HUGS FOR EVERYONE!

Download Part 1 here

Featured Musical Interludes: Rock Kills Kid 

Special Guest

Part 2: In the second half of this special episode; Migs, Alex, and John talk to every local artist’s tentpole Komiks creator and Eisner nominee Gerry Alanguilan.

Best known for his work on ELMER, Timawa, Where Bold Stars Go to Die, as well as his Marvel and DC Comics work as the inker of Leinil Yu, Gerry brightens our little show with his Youtube-famous smile.  Join us for an hour of talk about his early work, his thoughts on criticism, the nature of collaboration, and much more.

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Featured Musical Interludes: Rogue Wave 

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Tres Komikeros 48

Alex and John sit down and talk about last week’s hot books.  This episode features Batman and Robin #12, Hellboy in Mexico, and Brightest Day #1.  In the panel discussion, John raises some concerns about comic industry trends and compares the comic fanbase to manga enthusiasts.

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Tres Komikeros 44

John, Alex, and Migs volt in to bring you reviews of Millar and McNiven’s Nemesis #1, Green Lantern #52, and Uncanny X-Men #522!  After a round of quickshots, the boys discuss the official news about Evans being Captain America, the Image Guardians of the Globe teasers, and the Scott Pilgrim movie trailer.  Lastly, the panel discussion has the boys asking the question: “Which comic character should already die of old age?”

Also look out for the new segment entitled “Spoil Me” interspersed throughout the show.  Deal with it, kids.

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Tres Komikeros 34

With EJ never being around when Alex is, and vice versa, John is beginning to think the other two komikeros are actually (dramatic pause) THE SAME PERSON!  Keep listening to Tres Komikeros to get to the bottom of this chilling mystery.

Oh also we read some comics: Blackest Night #5, Image United #1, and New Avengers #59.  After an audience review and a round of quick shots, the boys played a healthy game of thumb warfare.

Lastly, a sensitive topic is tackled in this week’s panel discussion — Comic Book Elitism.  Yeah.

You know who you are.

Download knowledge here.


EJ Work Journal 1: Velocivolver

In the very wild west where human and dinosaur co-exist, a band of outlaw Scaleys seek to pillage the Sapien town of Fossilrock. One raptor raised by an old codger stands in their way.  His name… is Tex. Ughhh..

Ye Ol’ Marvel might give you geek herds out there some intro like this on one of their books.  I probably won’t (If by some miracle it gets published) put that on the first page, but in a nutshell that’s what I’m working on at the moment.  Every few days or so I intend to share with you all a little bit of the world that I am creating and the characters that shoot themselves in it.  And what a lot of shooting there will be… at some point.

I hope to create a story so complex, so mind bendingly implausible, that the very first pages will make you go… “Huwhatth??!!”  I kid, nothing approaching Batman RIP absurdity here (I apologize to Morrison fans, I love him too… just like I love the black sheep in our family. Wait… that’s me…), just pure adult fun.  How that’ll happen, well I really don’t know, I just make this crap up as I go.  Every night a little bit of the puzzle falls into place and I go, “I am genius man.”  Okay, so I missed a few grammar classes.  Doesn’t mean I won’t be an awesome writers, write?

Okay, moving on…

So, Velocivolver.  Frankly, John and I came up with the title first before anything else and I was, like, “Whoa maaan, awesooome name!”  Originally it was Velocivolver Tex, but we decided to streamline it.  After I told another good friend about the concept and he called me a moron, I decided that was a good sign to push ahead with it.  ‘Cause seriously, no other idiot is gonna do this ol’ west tale in another planet/dimension with a Dinotopian flavor.  Just us three.  Go figure.

So I will write the cute little bouncin’ tumbleweed of a tale, John and Alex will do concept art, and all three of us will be the underdogs that… um, well, that’s up to you now, isn’t it?

Again, like I said earlier, I want to fill you guys in bit by bit on the goings-on of my internal clockwork by posting li’l tidbits about the story here and there and the amateur process I use to harvest my creativity. The next log will focus on an introduction of Fossilrock and the world around it and after that, the characters — starting with, and I am so excited, the villains!  So stay stay tuned, geek herds, and herdettes (seriously need to take grammar classes) and we will bring you a fantasy of derring do and clawin’ gun action, a sad comedic drunken bar-room saloon brawl straight from the minds and hearts of people just like you.  Because seriously, we love you.  Now pay up, John.