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TK 113: Gingers


John, Alex, and Migs bring you some comic talk at the end of a hectic work week.

The boys unwind with Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1, The  Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #1, and The Amazing Spider-Man #692!

After a round of quick shots in which John tells us how he feels about Mark Millar, the boys talk about Rob Liefeld leaving DC Comics!

“It’s a very well done.”

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     02:30
 Quick Shots                 20:00
 Panel Discussion            34:30
 Pluggage                    44:00

 Featured Musical Interludes: Nero

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TK 89: Leinil Yu

In this special episode of Tres Komikeros, John and Alex are joined by Superstar Marvel artist Leinil Yu.

Join us as we discuss the early days of his career and the countless high-profile projects he has lent his exceptional talent to over the years.  Leinil also briefly discusses Superior and Super Crooks and working with multi-award winning scribe Mark Millar.

Leinil will be answering questions in the comment box below, so feel free to post your queries.

Download the episode here

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TK 59: The List (Part Two)

John, Migs, and Alex gladly take a break from the holiday hustle to bring you the second installment of The List.  Continuing our compilation of 100 comic recommendations we think you guys should read, this is the next ten books.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Josh Hartnett!!!

Download the full episode here.


Tres Komikeros 55

John and Migs set up camp and talk about Return of Bruce Wayne #5, Superior #1, and New Avengers #5.  After a  round of quick shots, the boys bring you the first edition of TK Comics 101: What are Legacy Characters?

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Tres Komikeros 14


The Tres Komikeros are back, people!  Look grateful!  EJ, Alex, John skip the number 13 to bring you an oversized episode 14, making up for last week’s hiatus.  The boys review the conclusions to DC’s Batman R.I.P. and Marvel’s Secret Invasion and check out a local indie entitled Trese!  The rest of the episode is a Marvel bonanza from the quick shots to the panel discussion about Dark Reign, so DC fans, wait til next week.  Lastly, be warned that this episode has a lot of spoilers.  Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!  Enjoy.

Download the episode here

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Episode 08

It’s a strong week for comics, ladies and jerks, and what better way to celebrate that fact than by talking about the hottest new books? This week we’ve got reviews on Ultimate Spider-man #27, Final Crisis #4, and Secret Invasion #7 comin’ right atcha! We also take the time out of our busy schedules to talk a little bit about why there aren’t a lot of fan girls around. WHY? WHHHYYYY?!?!?

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Lastly, thanks a lot to our friends over at Nebula Productions for providing our kick-ass tunes.