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TK 128: JimLim

tk128Alex, Migs, and John have a serious sit-down to talk about some Hellboy: The Midnight Circus, the Avengers issues of Infinity, some Man of Steel sequel news, and even more Akira!  Plus lots more!

Note: Migs has faulty audio for the initial part of the show, but it gets fixed some 20 minutes in.  Just bear with us.

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Musical Interludes: Silverchair

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TK 80: The Nerd Card

John and Alex review Jonah Hex #70, X-23 #13, and Severed #1!  After a round of quick shots, the boys share thoughts on the first images of Henry Cavill as Superman and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.  Lastly, they ask the question:

If you could go back in time and warn yourself about reading a bad book, which book would that be?

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TK 63: The List (Part Six)

John, Alex, and Migs tell you more about their favorite books in this sixth installment of TK’s Top 100 Comics.  Other topics covered include Black Swan, masturbation… and masturbating swans.

Download the full episode here

In this episode:

100 Bullets
Hellboy: Seed of Destruction
Batman: Year One
Lee and Kirby’s Fantastic Four
Byrne’s Man of Steel
Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X
Ultimate Spider-Man
Black Hole

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