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TK 133: Whazittiz?

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Whazittiz?!?  Migs, John, and Alex are back to talk about Crossed, Sabertooth Swordsman, Superior Spider-Man, Winter Soldier, Station to Station, BPRD: The Reign of the Black Flame, and tons of other stuff!

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TK 132: Flappy Nerd


It’s a jam-packed show as Alex, John, and Migs have a sit-down this week to talk Baltimore: Chapel of Bones, Xenozoic Tales, Superior Spider-man, Wolverine, Justice League: WAR, Preacher, Paul Bettany, Punisher and lots more stuff!

QUESTION: What comics would you never have read if it wasn’t for Tres Komikeros?

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TK 131: Grean Jey


Yes, we are aware of the booby surplus in this episode’s banner.

John and Alex kick off the new year by talking about the many many books they enjoyed over the holidays.  Comics talked about include King City, Guardians of the Galaxy, Superior Spider-Man, Blue Estate, Midas Flesh, Hawkeye, Quantum and Woody, Velvet, and Powers Bureau!

What comic always takes you back to your childhood?

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Musical Interludes: CHVRCHES

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TK 121: We’re Back!


John, Migs, and Alex are to bring you the first episode of 2013!  This week’s books for review include Star Wars #1, BPRD Hell on Earth: Abyss of Time #1, and the controversial Superior Spider-Man #1!

This week’s panel discussion: Getting Tired of Superhero Comics!

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 Reviews                     02:00
 Spider-Man Spoilers         21:00
 Quick Shots                 37:00
 Panel Discussion            46:00

 Featured Musical Interludes: Back to the Future OST

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