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Tres Komikeros 50 – Iron Man: Extremis

EJ, Alex, and John reunite to review Ellis and Granov’s iconic contemporary take on Iron Man, which laid down the groundwork for modern stories about ol’ shellhead.  The boys also discuss the newly revealed movie outfits of Cap and Thor.

In the panel discussion, the boys discuss the biggest changes in their geekhood since they began the podcast almost two years ago.

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Tres Komikeros 25


EJ, Alex, and John return to jump into Dark Reign with Invincible Iron Man #11, some kung-fu action with Immortal Iron Fist #23, and the matter of the Caped Crusader’s legacy with Battle for the Cowl #1!

After a round of quick shots, the boys also discuss some Thor and Iron Man casting news.  To top it all off, find out who the Tres Komikeros would dress up as if they attended a cosplay convention!

Download the episode here

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