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Women in Comics

In this special flashback panel… EJ, Alex, and John talk about the fairer sex and how they are portrayed in comics.  The boys ponder on such Olympian topics such as female characters getting more solo books and Oprah being an X-Woman.

Download the audio file here


Tres Komikeros 20

ep201Ello! Ello! Ello!  The Tres Komikeros actually hit twenty episodes despite being funded only by one-legged midget prostitutes!  It’s a good day indeed!  This week EJ, Alex, and John reviewed Dark Avengers #1, Green Lantern #37, and Uncanny X-men Annual #2!  After a round of quick shots, the boys then talked about movie prequels in comic form, Hollywood’s creative cannibalism, and Marvel titles that should be cancelled!

Download the episode here

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