1 thought on “The Force Awakens

  1. What was Captain Phasma’s role in the film? She didn’t do anything. Kinda disappointing and wasted opportunity for that character. Hope she redeems herself in the next movie or not.

    Kylo Ren should have kept the mask on in my opinion. He doesn’t look like Han and Leia’s son.

    Han Solo shouldn’t have died… Finn should have died convincing Kylo Ren/Ben solo to return to their parents and the resistance and then Han Solo would appear after.

    Hasn’t the Empire learned anything from the 30+ years regarding the Death Star/Starkiller Base?

    Yes, that was Daniel Craig in that Stormtrooper suit. Bill Hader was also the voice consultant of BB8.

    Just nitpicking. Hehehe

    Good podcast by the way. Air Boy was good. Thanks for the reco.

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