Monthly Archives: September 2008

Episode 04

In this episode, the komikeros review:

We also have a round of War of Thumbs discussing the recent influx of TV-show comics, political content in comic books, and the censorship of All-Star Batman #10. To cap it off, we crossfired points about the difference between comics and graphic novels… assuming of course that there really is one.

You can also download the episode here


Episode 03

Three time’s the charm! We’re on our third episode and there’s no stopping in sight! This episode we talk about Uncanny X-Men #502, The Walking Dead #52, and All-Star Superman #12! Whew, that’s a lot of twos.  We also talk about upcoming things such as the DC vs. MK and the DC Online game.

If you’re an IE user, the audio might sound chipmunky, you can download the episode here.


Episode 02

This week, we review Secret Invasion #6, All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder #10, and X-Men: Magneto Testament #1. In addition to this, we tried to judge upcoming “events” with just our thumbs and individual opinions. We simply called it War of Thumbs.

You can download the file HERE

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Episode 01

In our first episode, we review Secret Invasion: Front Line #3, Titans #4, and Secret Six #1. We also have a few quick shots about a few other books and a brief panel discussion about recent events in Amazing Spidey!

Download the episode here