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TK 116: Conspiracy

The boys return after a month off to talk about last week’s releases.  John, Alex, and Nick review Wolverine Max #1, ghost #1, and Talon #1.
After a round if quick shots in which we talk mostly about Nick’s close-toed shoes, the discussion shifts to the X-Men First Class sequel, and Comixology’s new indie policies.

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     02:40
 Quick Shots                 25:40
 Panel Discussion            38:50

 Featured Musical Interludes: Dr. Dre

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TK 115: The Lost Episode

Miguel, Alex, and I recorded a show last Saturday afternoon, but by the will of Thor on that stormy day we encountered irreversible technical difficulties and our audio files were lost.

All the same, TK 115 still exists in the ether, albeit as “The Lost Episode”

Take heart, comrades, TK 116 will be recorded this week.

— John