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A Remembering

(This is a repost from my Tumblr blog.)

Here’s a Skype conversation I had with my friend John a month ago. I was sharing a couple of theories I had about Scott Snyder’s current run on Batman.



[5/12/12 12:29:37 PM]

Miguel Santos: Yo

Miguel Santos: batman is really good this week

Miguel Santos: snyder is possibly doing a retcon

John Amor: yeah read it


Miguel Santos: haha yeah

John Amor: retconning what?

Miguel Santos: i have 2 theories

Miguel Santos: mostly based on the jarvis pennyworth second feature

John Amor: go on

Miguel Santos: the first and most likely one is that the court of owls was responsible for the death of bruce’s parents

John Amor: yeah

Miguel Santos: my other wilder theory is that because of the age of jarvis in the story, that the little boy in the second feature isn’t bruce.

John Amor: what makes you say that?

Miguel Santos: we see jarvis taking care of the kid

Miguel Santos: he’s never refered to as bruce

Miguel Santos: and as far as batman history is concerned, alfred has been taking care of bruce ever since he was born

John Amor: that second one’s a little weird.

Miguel Santos: i know

John Amor: but im with you on the first

Miguel Santos: but, don’t we all know that it was alfred who always took care of bruce?

John Amor: in the movie, thats true.

John Amor: but we also always knew alfred’s dad was a butler for the waynes

John Amor: we just never knew when

Miguel Santos: alfred was already old when bruce’s parents died

John Amor: yeah

John Amor: maybe he’s already middle aged in the backups

John Amor: jarvis is pretty old lookin

Miguel Sasnto: it’s a wild theory

Miguel Santos: but so far, i think it still fits

John Amor: mine is that jarvis sold the parents out

John Amor: set them up

Miguel Santos: but wouldn’t it be interesting to find out that bruce had an older brother?

Miguel Santos: crazier things have been written in the batman mythos

John Amor: Lincoln. March.

John Amor: (looks like him)

John Amor: lol

Miguel Santos: lol

Miguel Santos: too bad he’s dead now

Miguel Santos: that thread would’ve gone no where

Miguel Santos: isn’t jarvis’ (the avengers butler) father’s name alfred?

John Amor: yeah

Miguel Santos: cool

John Amor: it doesnt make sense though

John Amor: why would the owls target jarvis pennyworth in the first place?

John Amor: he’s not a hotham “architect”

John Amor: *gotham

Miguel Santos: what if the court uses jarvis to kidnap bruce’s kuya

Miguel Santos: ?

Miguel Santos: dun dun duuuuunnnn

Miguel Santos: and all this time bruce’s kuya has been part of the court…


John Amor: kuya

John Amor: lol

John Amor: it wouldnt make sense that bruce doesnt know about an older brother though. his parents die when he’s 10. they would have told him.

Miguel Santos: unless they kept it secret

Miguel Santos: my mom never told me that i was supposed to have an older brother until i was in high school

John Amor: how come?

Miguel Santos: my parents like to keep secrets

John Amor: well

John Amor: i guess we’ll see

John Amor: it’s a little far fetched for me right now

Miguel Santos: KUYA BRUCE

And then came…


It turns out that we were really onto something there. Now that Batman #10 is out, I have a few answers:

1.) That my first theory about the Court of Owls having something to do with the death of Bruce’s parents (the more likely one) was confirmed wrong according to one of the characters from Batman #10.

2.) I wasn’t too far off with my second theory. I was wrong about the little boy in the Batman #9 second feature not being Bruce and my deduction about Jarvis Pennyworth’s age went nowhere, but still, my wildest theory turned out to be ridiculously spot on. Even John’s playful shot at a guess of who it was turned out to be right on the money.

Reading Batman #10, I had almost forgotten about the conversation above, but it slowly came creeping back as the story went along. It was still surprising when the big reveal came, and I have to say how masterfully it was executed.

What Scott Snyder is doing with Batman now is nothing short of mind-blowing.

Calling It: X-men Schism

This is where I air out predictions on what’s going to happen down the road in our favorite super hero books based on teasers, collected information, and just plain deduction. Needless to say, if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading.  And believe me, no one would be happier than me if I was wrong.

Schism is an X-men storyline by Jason Aaron just kicking off this month.  In it, the conflict between Wolverine and Cyclops comes to a head and we finally see Slim and the furball go at it.  It’s being described as Civil War for the X-books.  My prediction?  Cyclops, my favorite X-man, bites it at the end of X-men Schism.



Three reasons why I think this is happening:

1.) Uncanny ends with #544.  With Cyclops being the only original member still in that book, it makes sense to end it with his departure/demise.

2.) The five Schism issues will feature a different artist for each book, with the last one being drawn by Adam Kubert.  Long time fans will note that Kubert drew the solo Wolverine book for years, leading me to believe that the end of Schism will be a Logan-centric story.

3.) Lastly, with Logan’s X-Force being the big seller that it is, and Cyclops’ Uncanny being content with just being, it’s not hard to see that the story potential for a Wolverine-led X-men is much greater.

Anyway, these are my thoughts and guesses.  The only thing I’m wondering about really is what Emma’s gonna be doing in five months.  What do you guys think?