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TK 75: The List (Part 9)

John, Migs, and Alex return to bring you the penultimate edition of TK’s Top 100 Comics!

Download the full episode here

In this episode:

Locke and Key
Umbrella Academy
Peter David’s Hulk
Mark Waid’s Flash
Tom Strong
Walter SImonson’s Thor
V for Vendetta

Featured musical interludes: Methodic Doubt
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TK 74: How to Be Cool

Alex and Migs review the event books Flashpoint #2 and Fear Itself #3.  And in the second half of the show, John and Migs go into an in-depth discussion on DC’s line-wide reboot.  For anybody nerd raging about this whole thing, we encourage you to give us a listen to learn how we deal with things like these like normal and socially healthy people.

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Featured musical interludes: Blind Boys of Alabama

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Calling It: X-men Schism

This is where I air out predictions on what’s going to happen down the road in our favorite super hero books based on teasers, collected information, and just plain deduction. Needless to say, if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading.  And believe me, no one would be happier than me if I was wrong.

Schism is an X-men storyline by Jason Aaron just kicking off this month.  In it, the conflict between Wolverine and Cyclops comes to a head and we finally see Slim and the furball go at it.  It’s being described as Civil War for the X-books.  My prediction?  Cyclops, my favorite X-man, bites it at the end of X-men Schism.



Three reasons why I think this is happening:

1.) Uncanny ends with #544.  With Cyclops being the only original member still in that book, it makes sense to end it with his departure/demise.

2.) The five Schism issues will feature a different artist for each book, with the last one being drawn by Adam Kubert.  Long time fans will note that Kubert drew the solo Wolverine book for years, leading me to believe that the end of Schism will be a Logan-centric story.

3.) Lastly, with Logan’s X-Force being the big seller that it is, and Cyclops’ Uncanny being content with just being, it’s not hard to see that the story potential for a Wolverine-led X-men is much greater.

Anyway, these are my thoughts and guesses.  The only thing I’m wondering about really is what Emma’s gonna be doing in five months.  What do you guys think?

TK 73: Budjette Tan

In this episode of Tres Komikeros, John and Migs are joined by National Book Award Winner, Budjette Tan.  Join us as he talks about the inspiration and research behind his hit noir-horror graphic novel, Trese.

In this hour-long interview, we shed light on strange and amusing factoids such as Budjette’s writing process, his “technique” for writing action sequences, his slowly growing case against Brian Michael Bendis, and much much more.  Enjoy, folks!

Budjette will be answering questions in the comment box below, so feel free to post your queries.

Download the episode here

Featured musical interludes: Morphine

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