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TK 29: Jai Worthington

HOSTS: John, EJ, and Butch

Suicide Squad! Betty & Veronica! Manifest Destiny! Star Wars! Who is the tallest member of the Justice League? Is Jai Courtney a morphed Sam Worthington? What things do the TK boys have difficulty finding people to talk about with?

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TK 110: The Dark Knight Rises

For this special episode of Tres Komikeros, the boys whip out the deluxe microphones to review the finale to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy — THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!  John and Migs are joined by a co-host of the Watchinging podcast, Macky Pamintuan!  Sit back, relax, set your aircraft on autopilot and enjoy over an hour of free-form discussion regarding the film.

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 Featured Musical Interludes: The Dark Knight Rises OST (Hans Zimmer)

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TK 94: I Like Weeners

Migs, Nick, and Alex join forces and talk about last week’s biggest smokers!  Batman #5, Prophet #21, and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #6!

As a panel discussion, Tres Komikeros asks you What’s the saddest comic you have ever read?

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 Reviews                     03:00
 Quick Shots                 28:30
 Panel Discussion            35:20

Featured Musical Interludes: Mastodon

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TK 87: The DC Relaunch (Part 4)

EJ, Migs, and Alex talk about the fourth and final week of DC’s relaunch.

Fish and chips!  Nth Metal!  One Face?!?

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Featured Musical Interludes: The Black Keys

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Death in Comics

In this special podcast, John, Alex, Migs, and Jad sit in a semi-circle in the shape of Black Lantern symbol and talk about the oft-discussed matter of Death in Comics.  With so many significant characters biting it as of late, the TK crew question the significance of these losses.

SPOILER WARNING: We talk about characters dying.  (Just in case that wasn’t really clear yet)

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