Episode 07

This week’s hot books were Astonishing X-men #27, Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #3, and Iron Man #34. Alex wasn’t around, so John and EJ devote some quality time to making fun of him… as well as maybe talking about other comic-related news like Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as War Machine, as well as details about the Captain America film.


Download the episode here.


7 thoughts on “Episode 07

  1. I bet you guys missed my manly voice. *grunt*

    Anyways, for the Desert Island question, I’ll choose Hellboy! Because it’s combines everything that I love about comics; action, humor, drama, monsters, more monsters, great writing, great art, and love. Ahhh.

  2. hellboy sucks… mwahahahahaha!!!! I bet you’d just love to be on that desert island with me.

  3. hey guys, enjoyed episode 7 of doskomikeros…hehehe..x-men 27 sure was fun to read, the art was kinda like it came from some Heavy Metal issue which is a cool thing and i’m terribly enjoying their banter like the old x-factor…hehee

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