Tres Komikeros 21

ep-21-imageAhoy hoy, people shmeople!  EJ, Alex, and John are back with reviews of this past week’s hottest books.  For main reviews, the boys dive into Secret Warriors #1, Hotwire #1, and Crossed #3!  After a round of quick shots that gives Final Crisis #7 it’s due attention, the three bastards then tackle burning issues such as Christian Bale’s on-set outburst, the recently-released G.I. Joe teaser trailer, and which DC character deserves his or her own book.

Download the episode here

(If you are having trouble with the downloads, right-click the link, Save Link As… and that should take care of it.)


12 thoughts on “Tres Komikeros 21

  1. Hmm, after listening to this and hearing myself, I am almost ashamed as to how much of an ass I was towards Crossed #3. Apparently, I overestimated my ability to crucify this book. It really wasn’t enough.. I should have been more of an ass. What, hehe, thought I was apologizing?:D

  2. wow! nice thing you guys are doing something new! you are reviewing comics! niiice!

    i have read all three books that you have reviewed, and i love them all! i dont care if Ej doesnt like crossed, or john is jolted about it, or alex is still sleepy, i just love listening to your voices, you really know how to put a big guy to sleep. got news about how much your being paid, lucky basterds! i just hope john is giving them to you on time.

  3. glad you umm.. love our voices. but we love you all so much that we really do this for free. We are accepting donations though…. you know, just in case.;D starving artists and everything..

  4. Since you guys always have such funny sexual innuendos and all you’re talking about is comics, I was wondering which comic characters you would want as your date this V-day! ❤ your show. Keep dishing them out and I’ll keep listening.

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