TK 79: Uncanny Spider-Key

John and Migs review Amazing Spider-Man #666, Locke and Key: Clockworks #1, and Uncanny X-Force #12!  The boys then replace a round of quick shots with some top news items to come out of San Diego.  To wrap things up, they discuss Frank Darabont’s recently announced departure from the hit TV-series The Walking Dead.

Download the episode here

Featured musical interludes: Amy Winehouse

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2 thoughts on “TK 79: Uncanny Spider-Key

  1. I’ve read spidey 666 and also uncanny x men… Top reads for me and also great story from marvel karon.
    I really dont care on the showrunner part though… The only thing that I really do care that the sixth gun got a green flag for their tv show. thats impressive I personally enjoy their comics as well..
    BTW can you announce the winners of the eisners? cause the only book that I cared about from the eisners were that Daytripper won and also I never heard the announcement for Gerry’s work as well

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