TK 92: The Nubile Intern

It’s the first episode of 2012 and with the new year comes a new voice in the podcast as TK staff writer Nick joins the show!  He joins John, Migs, and Alex as they discuss Uncanny X-Men #4, Fatale #1, and Action Comics #5!

After a round of quick shots, the boys discuss the rumors of Watchmen 2.

As a panel discussion, Tres Komikeros asks you What is your favorite or most memorable Comic Book Fight?

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     01:00
 Quick Shots                 33:16
 Panel Discussion            44:11

Featured Musical Interludes: Stereophonics

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8 thoughts on “TK 92: The Nubile Intern

  1. Haha that’s EJ’s job, Nathan. But we do appreciate the hint and we’d love to have long-time listeners like yourself guest on the show sometime in the future. It’s gonna be a great year 🙂

  2. Thanks for being such a long time listener kris! We’d be glad to have you guys as guests in our future episodes, or publish articles you would like to contribute!

    P.S. I still think the girl in Fatale is the same girl. She doesn’t get old, and she probably has magic spells that lets her keep her youth.

    P.S.S. Wolverine & the Xmen Alpha & Omega #1 is a good book if you like Quentin Quire and Logan’s dynamic which goes waaaay back in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men.

  3. The Spidey Vs. Kingpin fight on Back in Black was memorable to me.. Although One More Day has erased it so I suppose that’s not counted lol

  4. Thanks Nathan! I actually read your tweet on the show, but we lost a good 15 seconds due to technical errors.

    Re: Fatale. Hey, Nazi demons… Occultists… Vampires? Why not?

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