TK 121: We’re Back!


John, Migs, and Alex are to bring you the first episode of 2013!  This week’s books for review include Star Wars #1, BPRD Hell on Earth: Abyss of Time #1, and the controversial Superior Spider-Man #1!

This week’s panel discussion: Getting Tired of Superhero Comics!

Download the episode here

 Reviews                     02:00
 Spider-Man Spoilers         21:00
 Quick Shots                 37:00
 Panel Discussion            46:00

 Featured Musical Interludes: Back to the Future OST

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2 thoughts on “TK 121: We’re Back!

  1. Same thoughts with Migs I have no doubts that Peter will find his way back before the next movie.

    I’m sure Dan Slott will not lend Peter die that way. If there’s one thing that the writer has established, it is his love and respect for the character.

    Dan gave Peter a good job at Horizon Labs, gave him cool costumes and gadgets, proved that he can be Spidey even without the spider sense, somehow paved the way for Peter and MJ to be back (yes, somehow – I remember that kilig moment at the end of Spider Island), and many more.

    Pete will be back, I’m sure of that.This supposed “death” is just another jumping point for upcoming plots.

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