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Tres Komikeros 37

It’s the 2009 Year Ender Episode with not two… not seven… but FOUR Komikeros at the microphones.  Listen to EJ, Alex, John, and Migs recount the year’s best and worst comic moments, single issues, moments, and of course, ongoing titles.  Enough with the preamble — this episode’s jam-packed, so get to listening!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Download the episode here.


Cover of the Week – Feb 4 ‘09 releases

Cover of the Week is my presentation of the best cover from last week’s comic book releases, based on the art, design, and overall good looks.

Hello there, weird folk of the interwebs! How’s your sister? Anyways, I’m back to bring you fabulous gifts, enough to make you famous as that dude on the TV selling grilling hardware! Yes! Comics is serious business, so serious that I even give time to choose the best cover of the comics I got last week! Get ready for more seriousness, because this one’s seriously serious!

Deadpool #7 (art by the oh-so-awesome Jason Pearson)


To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Jason Pearson’s art until recently when he started doing covers and when he did Joker’s Asylum: Penguin. For some reason, I find his “new” style much more appealing than the one he used on the original Body Bags mini (not that his art was bad back then). So when he started doing the covers for Deadpool, I was as happy as a high-school girl at an NSync concert! I even thought he’ll do the interiors! But anyway, aside from his awesome art, what really attracted me to this cover is that it’s like a very well-done tribute-like to the Uncanny X-Men #141 Wolvie/Kitty cover done by John Byrne. And that basically made this cover the sure winner.


Cover of the Week – 12.18.08

Cover of the Week is my presentation of the best cover from last week’s comic book releases, based on the art, design, and overall good looks.

Hello ladies and gents! Two more days and it’s Christmas! And a few more days before our year-end special episode! Now that’s two things to look out for in one week! Thanks, Santa.

And this week, we showcase a cover from megasuperstar artist Marko Djurdjevic!

Mighty Avengers #20

mighty avengers

What I like about this cover aside from the gorgeous and anatomically accurate artwork, is the emotion it evokes to the reader. This actually made me go “BAWWWWWWWW” especially after reading Secret Invasion and its little cousin titles. Marko is an amazing artist. His compositions are awesome. His anatomy is awesome. His colors are awesome. His name is awesome and manly. It’s the subtle things in this cover that got to me. The expressive eyes and the hands. Sometimes the small things deliver the blow, the details give the impact. And when I say details, it’s not about hatching. Awesome, yes?

Panel of the Week – Deadpool #5

Deadpool puts "fun" in "comics".
Deadpool puts "fun" in "comics".

That’s all my energy can spare for today! Tune in later this week for our YEAR END SPECIAL EPISODE!

P.S. Next time, I promise to be fully awake when doing this column.

Tres Komikeros 12


Lotsa red in them covers, huh?  This week, EJ, Alex, and John talk about Deadpool #4, Robin #180, and Amazing Spider-Man #578.  John vents his anger about starting the show late due to internet failure but is quickly distracted by news about a new X-men film, updates from the set of KICK-ASS, camouflage pants (yeah…), and of course… hot women in comics.

Download the episode here

(If you are having trouble with the downloads, right-click the link, Save Link As… and that should take care of it.)


Smile Pile 11.19.08


Deadpool #3 ended with Wade giving Nick Fury the old switcheroo involving some apparently vital Skrull data.  Who did he give it all to?  Why, only the most trustworthy civilian in the Marvel U, Norman Osborne! Duh! D’oh!

Also out this week:

ROBIN #180 (last issue?)
X-FILES #1 (OF 6)
YETI VS VAMPIRE #1  (really.)

View the complete list here